donderdag 12 juni 2014

Toronto Tour

7 June 2014, by Marvin van Wijnen  (Utrecht University)

A sightseeing tour with the streetcar brought us to the impressive RC Harris treatment plant. Normally it’s unusual to get a tour around the RC Harris treatment plant but for Wetskills they made an exception. The tour brought us along all the treatment steps. Inside the treatment plant it looks like an old train station or museum more than a drinking water treatment plant.

After our tour we walked along the beach were we had a great view of Lake Ontario on the left and the skyline of Toronto in front of us. Standing next to the CN Tower in downtown Toronto was already impressive but standing on the top of it was really amazing. The weather was great so the view was wonderful and we couldn’t only look around but also beneath us. Standing on the glass floor was a special experience that not everyone liked that much.

At dinner the case studies were presented and we knew that a new chapter of Wetskills had started/begun. Everyone marked the top three cases that they want to do and the supervisors divided the cases over the groups with the same preferences. At the end of the dinner everyone wasn’t satisfied after an overwhelming day of experiences so we decided to go for some rounds of pool.

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