dinsdag 24 juni 2014

Friday: a more relax and easy day

13 June 2014, by Leonie de Mulder (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)

This day started with a good breakfast and a speaker from Warren’s Waterless printing. This guest speaker told us the difference between a normal printer and a waterless printer. And also a little bit about business marketing. After the breakfast speaker we had about one and a half hour to work on the cases and after lunch we went to another campus tour. This time the tour was hold in Digital Media Zone. We got a few presentations about the marketing of businesses and starters. The tour was about the Digital Media Zone and what the relations were.
After the tour we were already late to search for an orange bar so we stayed in the shopping center and watched the game at the sports bar there. The soccer game Netherlands-Spain was a real surprise to watch. We were in less number of people cheering for Holland but we were the loudest there. Some people left before the game but most people were there and we had a lot of fun and a great time.
After the game we had free time to get some food or relax before we’re going to celebrate the victory. Karen, Kim and I went shopping in the big Toronto Eaton Center. We searched for souvenirs but all we found was clothes and shoes, not that it was a big problem. When we went back to the illc nobody had dinner neither had we, we went out real fast and found a pizza place on the way.

Around 7 pm we went to the Royal Ontario Museum, because there was a big party. In the museum was the opportunity to walk around the whole museum and dance a bit between the dinosaurs and meteorites. We were there for 4 hours and around 11 pm we went to a student party nearby. This was a row of four houses al put together, with some bars and a club. Everybody had an amazing time. This day was a more relax and easy day.

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