zondag 15 juni 2014

An ordinary working day

12 June 2014, by Arun Raj (University of Waterloo)

It has been three days since the Wetskills participants in Toronto were assigned their respective case studies. Needless to say, every group has been hard at work. Although, each group is focusing on a different water related problem; they all have something in common - a unique perspective by which they view the problem itself. With advancement in the field of sustainability a more sustain-centric worldview is evolving  globally. Particularly young people see no reason why we cannot achieve this paradigm shift. Topics such as waste management and toxic effluents are not perceived as problems anymore but as potential recoverable resources.

This is evident particularly amongst all the Dutch participants at Wetskills, many of whom are working on similar topics. The Kingdom of Netherlands being a pioneer in the field of water management have been working extensively on technologies to reclaim waste water, metals, and other precious resources to eliminate the concept of waste. 

This morning we also had a stimulating talk by Nick Reed from Ontario Clean water agency (OCWA) who echoed the same vision. Amongst other things he highlighted how OCWA strives to minimize waste 
production within their areas of operation. He highlighted the efforts of the Canadian government such as Ontario Centre of excellence (OCE) and Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (MaRS) aimed at helping students realize their revolutionary ideas in the field of water management.

Wetskills has definitely been an amazing platform to bring young people from different disciplines together to help make the world more sustainable!

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