donderdag 12 juni 2014

Teambuilding starts

6 June 2014, by Eduardo Cejudo (University of Waterloo)

We got together for the first time. A quick glance at everybody's face gaves you a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. You introduce yourself for the first time' but, sadly, you barely paid attention to the other person's name, or it is hard to repeat the name, or just to many faces at once; anyway, you end up asking their names perhaps, more than two times. Nevertheless, just seating at the same table eases all doubts and took us into an amazing journey.

We started our eye-oppener trip to the Niagara  scarpment, a geological formation that, together with glaciations, have modelled the Canadian landscape: a series of layers of sedimentary rocks and shales that have been carved by water, so we can now admire its breath-taking landscapes, such as Niagara falls.  Some of the questions or comments possed during the trip  where perfect clues to start figuring out each other ideas, tendencies and background, great surprises are just one question ahead of us. This great trip became true with a very diligent and knowledgeable guide, professor Dave Atkinson, who lead us through countryside and roads that not all witnesed, for Morpheous was also a passenger.

Our voyage could not be complete without  seeing some water-related technology:a lifting bridge at Hamilton's bay (in the west end of Lake Ontario), and old grist mill constructed by a creek right upstream of a beautiful waterfall, and a lock at Welland canal, the linking waterway from lake Ontario to Lake Erie. A pleasant afternoon at Niagara-on-the-lake provided relief to all of us, either having lunch, chating, walking or shooting pictures by the lake's waterfront.

All in all, a fructiferous day when everybody got to know better at least one other participant, in addition to the the much appreciated  nap time.

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