zondag 15 juni 2014

From Working to Barbecuing

10 June 2014, by Saalih Shamead (Ryerson University)

I usually try to abide by the old proverb that "Early to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." However, due to the brain hurricane or "brain tsunami" as others have coined it I awoke slightly later than my usual time. My group, Team 3, were the first to begin work on their case in room KHE 323A and I was rather glad that we were the first to our Plan of Action (POA) before the 11 am deadline.

Once the POA was submitted we each began working on our individual sections, I chose to work on exploring the different decentralized WWTP technology options that existed, how dual or separated flow systems would work and cost and help Rik on checking how rough the terrain was using GIS for our pipe options as that is my area of expertise. However, finding information on the removal rates of decentralized WWTP technology options was not as easy as I had hoped and so I think I'll have to visit the library and hopefully I'll have better luck there. Overall I think we did pretty well at the discussion on our POA with Johan, and two of my old professors Darko and Vadim.
While I had planned to use the time to catch up on my other work commitments as I am also simultaneously working on revisions to my thesis which are due by June 19 and my work for the City of Toronto I am glad I went to the Toronto Island BBQ. Each team was in charge of buying food for themselves and the supervisors who provided the charcoal and cutlery. While I have lived in Toronto for almost 9 years now, this was only my second time boarding the ferry and so it was still a new experience for me and the City's skyline looks quite beautiful from the water.

At the BBQ everyone was so hungry that many decided to eat salad as we waited for the charcoal grill to heat up. I had always thought charcoal was very slow but thanks to the special lighter fuel Pim got at the store he got the grill going in no time. As all seafood is halal I had put the two salmon burgers that I bought on the grill and that was more than enough for me. I must say we had quite a lot of veggies that were also roasted on the grill and so I also ate some corn and asparagus as well. My friends from Netherlands also had their first experience for what a smore was once all the major cooking was done.
While I have lived in Toronto for 9 years I had also never been on the Islands that late. The sky was pitch black but the City looked quite beautiful and at the moment I realized that Wetskills would be one of those experiences that I would remember for the rest of my life. 

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