zondag 15 juni 2014

Friday June 13th and the state of my water utilities

13 June 2014, by Brian Hanna (Ryerson University)
What a coincidence that while taking part of the wetskills event I come home to find a 1 sqft hole in my bathroom:


Quite an impressive hole, isn't it? I figured that since it's caused me so much trouble today I might as well make some use of it by using it to underscore the importance of maintaining water utilities in a building.
Unfortunately due to this massive hole, I was unable to watch the soccer match where Holland was able to score five goals. While not a huge sports fan it would have still been fun to get swept  up in the victory with my friends from the Netherlands (and the americans too). Everyone has been extremely friendly, and I especially enjoy the time I spend with my specific group.

Aside from that part of my day, I did quite enjoy the tour through Ryersons DMZ. It's very reassuring to see that my school provides such services to new business, especially in a time where employment for young professionals is hard to come by in Toronto.

Anyways, I really would have liked to go the Royal Ontario Museum as well with the others, but I could not thanks to the giant hole that's currently invading my life. I'm actually quite a bit sad about that, as I was telling the group all week how much fun it really is on friday nights. There's still more time to enjoy with them though, I'll try my best to take advantage of it.

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